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Badia DragNCopy

Latest Version:
2.1 Universal Binary for QuarkXPress 7.

New in Version 2.1:
Added preferences to set the modifier keys (any combination of Option, Control and Command keys)

With DragNCopy, you can duplicate items by simply dragging and holding the Option, Control or Command keys. You can now drag and duplicate single, multiple or grouped items interactively, without using a dialog. DragNCopy also remembers the offsets of the last drag and copy operation, so you can generate additional copies of the last operation simply by pressing Command-D.

Download DragNCopy 2.1 for QuarkXPress 7

Badia PageView
(formerly Badia Vistas)

Latest Version:
2.0 Universal Binary for QuarkXPress 7.
Also available:
Badia Vistas 1.0/1.5 for QuarkXPress 6/5/4.

The navigation palette for QuarkXPress. Elegant and easy-to-use, this free palette lets you jump quickly to a specific point in the spread or to a different spread, zoom in and out in real time and toggle between the last two views.

Download PageView for QuarkXPress 7
Download Vistas for QuarkXPress 6
Download Vistas for QuarkXPress 4/5

Badia PageFrame

Latest Version:
2.0 Universal Binary for QuarkXPress 7.
Also available: Version 1.0 for QuarkXPress 6.

Badia PageFrame allows you to print a frame around the page or spread. You can specify the width, color and style of the frame before printing.

Download Version 2.0 for QuarkXPress 7
Download Version 1.0 for QuarkXPress 6

Badia OpenNow for
QuarkXPress 6
(Version 2.0)

Also available: Version 3.0 Pro
for QuarkXPress 7.

OpenNow 2.0 for QuarkXPress 6 lets you double-click on any picture to access file information, with options for updating, revealing and opening the image with its default application.

Download OpenNow for QuarkXPress 6
Learn about OpenNow Pro for QuarkXPress 7

Badia ReplaceInPlace
for QuarkXPress 6

Version 1.02.

ReplaceInPlace for QuarkXPress 6 lets you retain previous picture attributes when importing an image into a picture box. Previous offset and scaling, for example, can be retained when replacing a low-res with a hi-res version of a picture. To use Badia ReplaceInPlace, choose "Get Picture" from the File menu and select "Retain Previous Picture Attributes" from the "ReplaceInPlace" tab.

Download ReplaceInPlace for QuarkXPress 6