Badia LiveKeys Light and LiveKeys Pro
Customize All Keyboard Shortcuts in QuarkXPress

Latest Version: 2.0 Light/Pro Universal Binary for QuarkXPress 7.
Also Available: Versions 1.5/1.0 for QuarkXPress 6/5/4.

Badia LiveKeys gives you the freedom to make QuarkXPress shortcuts work just the way you want. Now you can customize all menu shortcuts, assign keyboard equivalents to tools and special commands, manage style sheet shortcuts easily, check for keystroke conflicts, share custom sets, and more. Get your copy of LiveKeys 2.0 Light for free, and upgrade to LiveKeys 2.0 Pro for only $49.99 per license.

Menu Shortcuts
Put yourself in charge of XPress menu shortcuts and choose the ones that suit your work habits. Assign shortcuts to menus you could only access with the mouse before, or change those already assigned to combinations that are easier to remember or that match other programs you use. All standard QuarkXPress menus and submenus are supported by LiveKeys, so you can customize virtually any of their menu item keystrokes, including those added by third-party XTensions and QuarkXTensions.

Tool Shortcuts*
Eliminate countless mouse trips to the Tools palette by assigning LiveKeys shortcuts to all QuarkXPress tools, including web tools. Then you can switch back and forth between them with just a keystroke. As an add-on, you can also use the Option modifier to keep the tool selected.

Hidden Shortcuts*
Hidden commands are those not displayed anywhere in QuarkXPress, such as 'increase leading' or 'scroll to start of document'. Customize their shortcuts or just browse the list to remind you of the more obscure shortcuts: you may even discover commands and shortcuts you weren’t aware of before.

Style Sheet Shortcuts
Although QuarkXPress allows you to assign shortcuts to style sheets one at a time, LiveKeys offers a more convenient and safer way to do so. Not only can you now see and change them all at once, but LiveKeys also checks for possible conflicts with menus or other shortcuts in real time.

Managing Shortcut Sets*
Define your favorite shortcuts once and save them as a custom shortcut set. Maintain sets for different projects, distribute them within the workplace, or create sets that match other applications you commonly use.

Manage All Shortcuts with Ease
LiveKeys lets you experiment with different shortcuts, offering options to assign, remove, undo or go back to the default keyboard equivalents*. In addition, LiveKeys warns you about any possible conflicts with shortcuts already assigned to other commands and can automatically resolve them for you.

*LiveKeys 2.0 Pro only.

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LiveKeys 2.0 Light and LiveKeys 2.0 Pro require QuarkXPress 7 and OS X 10.4.2 or later (including Leopard).
Older versions of LiveKeys also support QuarkXPress 6, 5 and 4, as well as Mac OS 9 (No "Light" version available).

When first installed, LiveKeys 2.0 will run as the "Light" version, which has certain features disabled or not available. You can use this version for free and without any time limitations. To remove the restrictions and access the full set of features, you need to purchase a registration code which will convert the "Light" version into the "Pro" version. By installing and using LiveKeys 2.0, whether registered or not, you are bound by the terms of the License Agreement found in the downloads.

Features mentioned here are for LiveKeys version 2.0 (Light and Pro versions as noted), and may be different or not available in earlier versions. Refer to the user guides provided with the installer downloads for complete specifications.

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