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For QuarkXPress 7
Badia OfficialReport creates professional-looking reports of your QuarkXPress documents in just seconds. With the click of a button, you can obtain formatted listings of fonts, color usage, style sheets, H&Js, picture fonts, picture colors, layout preferences and detailed picture usage. What's more, the built-in batch feature can make reports for hundreds of documents automatically.
Badia OfficialReport 3.01 is Universal Binary and requires QuarkXPress 7 and Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.2 or later) or Leopard (10.5.x). Activation of the software requires an internet connection. Older versions of OfficialReport also support QuarkXPress 6, 5 and 4, as well as Mac OS 9. Registered users of previous versions can purchase an upgrade. Features mentioned here are for OfficialReport version 3.01 and may be different or not available in earlier versions. Refer to the user guides provided with the downloads for complete specifications.
Latest Version: 3.01 | Version History

Also Available for
QuarkXPress 4–6

Professional Looking Reports
Reports created with OfficialReport are fully formatted QuarkXPress projects, with the information presented in a compact, to-the-point tabular layout. You can choose the report name, the page size, the units used for horizontal and vertical measures, whether to create single or facing pages, and an option to automatically add folios at the bottom of every page.
Batch Reporting
OfficialReport comes with a built-in batch report feature that can generate a thorough description for up to 2000 documents at a time. The batch report list allows you to add and remove documents with ease. And you also have the option to include reports for all the layouts inside each document.
Automatic Creation of Style Sheets
Character and paragraph style sheets are added automatically, so you can quickly make global changes to customize the look and feel of the final report once it's created.
Report Features
The OfficialReport window lets you choose from any of the following reports:
• Colors – Colors defined in the project.
• H&Js – Hyphenation and Justification records.
• Style Sheets – Paragraph and character style sheets.
• Fonts – All fonts used in the project, including missing fonts. .
• Picture Fonts – Fonts contained in EPS imported graphics.
• Picture Colors – Colors contained in EPS imported graphics.
• Layout Preferences – The layout preferences settings.
• Picture Usage – Compact picture usage listing.
• Detailed Picture Usage – Full picture usage listing: full path, print status, name, page, file size, picture dimensions, date modified, angle, file format, color model, resolution, effective resolution, offset, creator application, embedded EPS fonts and colors, scaling, status.